Release Dates!

Here is a new list of release dates thanks to Disney Infinity Fans, Retail sites and the Infinilist App!

Sales guides and price lists to follow shortly.

October 2013
10/5/13 – Jack Skellington (Gamestop Early Release 10/5-10/28)
10/5/13 – Disney Infinity Strategy Guide w/ Jack Skellington cover (Gamestop Exclusive)
10/11/13 – Crystal Series: Sully (Toys R Us Exclusive)
10/11/13 – Crystal Series: Mr. Incredible (Toys R Us Exclusive)
10/13/13 – Toys R Us Exclusive Power Disc #3
10/15/13 – Disney Infinity: Infinite Possibilities Book
10/15/13 – Jack Skellington Figure and Exclusive Display Case (Gamestop Exclusive)
10/22/13 – Toy Story Playset (Includes Buzz Lightyear, Jessie & Playset Token)
10/22/13 – Woody (Wide Release)
10/29/13 – Jack Skellington (Wide Release)

November 2013
11/1/13 – Race to Space Pack (Lightning McQueen Crystal Series and Buzz Lightyear Crystal Series w/ CHROM Damage Increaser and Zurg Damage Increaser Power Disc)
11/19/13 – Series 2 Red Power Disc Album with Complete Series 2 Power Disc Set (Target exclusive)
11/22/13 – Wreck-It-Ralph (Best Buy Early Preorder)
11/24/13 – Vanellope (Target Early Preorder)
11/26/13 – Power Discs Series 2
11/26/13 – Power Discs Series 2 Album
11/26/13 – Frozen Toy Box Pack (Includes Anna and Elsa figures w/Frozen Sky and Terrain Power Discs)
11/26/13 – Elsa Individual Figure
11/26/13 – Anna Individual Figure

December 2013
12/10/13 – Rapunzel
12/10/13 – Vanellope
12/31/13 – Agent P
12/31/13 – Phineas
12/31/13 – Crystal Captain Jack Sparrow
12/31/13 – Crystal The Lone Ranger
TBA – Wreck-It-Ralph Toy Box (Includes Wreck-It-Ralph and Vanellope figures w/Sugar Rush Sky and Terrain Power Discs
TBA – Disney Girls 3-Pack (Rapunzel, Vanellope, and Violet)

January 2014
TBA – Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey

February 2014
2/17/14 – Disney Infinity: The Essential Guide Book
2/17/14 – Disney Infinity: Ultimate Sticker Collection Book

Known Figures and Power Discs with no release date set:
TBA – Crystal Series: Sorcerer Mickey
TBA – Power Discs Series 3


Series 2 Discs

Series 2 Discs

So pre-order is now available for the complete Series 2 disc set with book from Target. I am torn. I obviously want all of the discs, and want a book, and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg going through the blind packs like I did with series 1. But where is the fun in this?

Pre-order 1 set and i’ll hunt for my second set. Sounds like a plan! Lets just hope TRU doesn’t come out with something similar, since I have found them to have the best deals.

Sheriff Woody Released! Or so we thought…

Sheriff Woody Released! Or so we thought...

Woody “supposedly” released yesterday, nationwide at Walmart. However, there has been lots of confusion, frustration and overall lack of corporate quality standards of Walmarts.

Multiple Walmarts across the country released the Woody figure as soon as they received the box. Even though, the boxes were clearly labeled “shelf date October 1.” So imagine the frustration of avid collectors of all things Disney when multiple facebook posts, blog posts, instagram photos and more showed people all over the US using Woody in DI.

Then you have the other group of Walmarts, that on 10/1 had no clue what was going on. I visited two separate Walmarts, asking for where the figures were and I got blank stares from employees, including managers. I was able to find the shelf sticker for the character, but no figures available. One Walmart told me they were not receiving any (the only Walmart in a 25+ mile radius).

To top it off, I had already pre-ordered one Woody through Walmart back in September. Well on 10/1 mutliple pre-order customers received a note from Walmart saying that the “manufacture” has pushed back the release date to 10/4, and that I should not expect to receive my figure before 10/16.

Now forgive me, but if I pre-ordered something, that is supposed to release on 10/1, a month before the release date, shouldn’t the item, at the least, be shipped to me on 10/1? Walmart – you dropped the ball. I never enjoyed shopping at your store to begin with, and now you just proved yet another reason why I will pay the extra $1.46 and just continue my shopping at Gamestop, seeing as though I will not receive my figure until 10/16 and Gamestop gets to sell them on 10/22, I think I can wait 6 extra days and give my money to a company that cares about its customers, and follows street date rules.

Deals of the Week 9/15

Here is a list of the deals of the week for upcoming Disney Infinity merchandise, get the most bang for your buck!


PreOrder Woody today through Walmart. Wood is a Walmart exclusive character and is being released on 10/1/13. His two partners and their playset will not release until 10/22, but Walmart is having a preorder sale this week: $12.96! It is only a buck, but when it is a Walmart exclusive there are a handful of things to consider. There will only be a limited number at release, you will pay full price at release, and why bother going to the store when you can have it shipped directly to your house?! 



Now Woody’s partners in crime, Jessie and Buzz are releasing on 10/22/13. Though Walmart is selling this set, along with Gamestop and Target, Toys R Us is currently running a BOGO 40% Off sale. So if you plan on preordering the Toy Story Playset, you are better off hitting up the TRU website and getting the deals they are offering. There is a catch, when TRU released Disney Infinity back in August they had some awesome deals. BOGO, BOGO for a buck, Accessories all 50% off ect. So I am weary of preordering with the BOGO 40% off deal and then a better deal come around when they release. However, I am willing to go ahead and grab this deal now with some other preorders to avoid waiting for the release, the long TRU lines that always seem to exist and the potential of my car breaking down and me not even getting there! Ack, how horrible. 


Here is where planning ahead can either be the best thing or the worst. So with TRU’s BOGO 40% off sale, and the preordering of the Toy Story Playset, the Frozen Playset comes out on 11/26/13. Right before black friday. Again, the catch of using the deal now to preorder versus waiting for the release and the even better deals down the road. However, I am always disappointed with Black Friday deals and feel as if you save more money ordering online then you ever do wasting the gas and the craze of Black Friday. So I went ahead and bought the preorder of Toy Story and Froze to get the BOGO 40% off sale.



Finally the power discs! So currently, Walmart, Target and TRU are selling the blind packs at $4.99 a piece. Gamestop has their packs priced at $5.99 (shame on you GS). However, once again TRU has a deal going on, the BOGO 40% off. I went to TRU yesterday and got two packs for about $8/9 bucks. Odd side note is that when I went to TRU, I assumed the gold packs I was picking up were the Tron Series 2 discs, because Mikes Car from series 1 seems really hard to find, however out of the six packs I bought, all six were Mike! Lucky find for me, but it seems as if TRU is still getting shipments of Series 1 exclusives, so those who missed out the first time around, be sure to check your stores soon. They are receiving shipments in small runs.


Lastly, this image popped up in my DI searches. From VinylmationKingdom, they somehow got a hold of an image of the new crystal figures. According to their site, they found this info on a French retailer, Micromania. When I went and dug a little further, I found they are listing the Crystal Buzz to be released 28 Novembre 2013, but there are also finds of a crystal Sully, crystal Lone Ranger, and EVEN Wreck It Ralph figure, all to be released on the same date, which means we should be hearing of it soon!

Here is to bringing the US economy back, one Disney Infinity purchase at a time.